On the Mother board and stepper carriers

The mother board I was referring to in my last post got made and seems roughly functional.
Despite me screwing up the stepper driver to some extent.

The mother board should be able to interface to six of the stepper carriers as soon as I produce a stepper carrier that isn't inherently screwed up ...besides the first round of stepper carriers which worked just fine ironically.Tango 1.1.3 has some dumb issues as i turns out not all 780x devices in the same packages have the same pin out and I was playing a bit fast and loose with the foot prints and mixed up the 5V with the ctl power in on the 5V regulator I was using. This may have resulted in burning out the gate driver chip immediately since I wasn't able to coax any PWMing out of the tango driver after fixing the foot print mess up. Le sigh.

Time to populate/kludge another carrier board. If this time round I get the board built up right and touble shoot it it will be pretty exciting to have a board carrier for so many boards. It will make a nice test platform.

The mother board is laid out in a fashion that allows for n arduino mini or some other equivalent micro to be mounted onto the board and have its outputs connect to all the varirious driver boards through the parallel busses laid out on the mother board. There are up to ~8 accessible signals on each bus/ for each driver board (the GND/SIG/GND/SIG/GND/SIG traces reffered to in the last post). This was intended to leave the future possibilities open. Currently the stepper driver would only use 2 signals/ driver leaving lots of possibilities.

Hopefully I'll get something done on the stepper fron again soon. I've been a bit distracted by other electronics and that whole having a job thing.