Busscooter maiden voyage: successful

So buss scooter was pretty much finished it is missing two not 'required' but generally highly recommended things being among them are non-foot brakes(since we aren't going to count foot brakes despite them being quite effective) and head lights. But for the time being busscooter after its successful maiden voyage of driven home will chill in my living room; functional (being defined as having the capability to transport myself from point A to B) but without those 'safety bells and whistles'. But for now it can be considered done the extra stuff will go on in due time since I don't plan on using it as a main means of transport.

Over all it was a satisfyingly uneventful maiden voyage home, namely because no one died and the battery didn't run out. The ride home took like 20mins for around 4.2miles giving an average speed of 12.6mph including many stops which probably made actual traveling speed ~15mph or 6.7m/s.

Current form of the busscooter
You might notice a few modifications, namely nicer sprockets (also larger gear ratio), different motor and a splatter/chain chain guard (made from a random piece of plastic bent using a hot wire).

I might talk a bit more about the additions to busscooter later, but that's all for now on busscooter,  there'll be more posts when the head lights and brakes get added. I think my next vehicle will be a bit more practical and have more than two wheels because from observation making an interesting and ride-able scooter-like vehicle seems to take more effort than a four wheeled vehicle, but maybe I just don't find scooter-like things as interesting as gokarts.