hall effect sensors (yay) + less abominable sprocket mount

So as this is being written those hall effect sensors in my last post are drying in place on the stator with 3 poles in between each sensor woot, hopefully I'll post pictures of that soon enough or at least in a timely manner unlike every other post on here. Those hall effect sensors aren't the only thing happening though. I got my hands on an aluminum round ... more like an aluminum patty it was .5"thick x4"diam. These flat dimensions were ideal for making something well... much more flat to replace the last janky rig. This new sprocket adapter consists of a single aluminum flange with a bit of an inset and some small standoffs, the standoffs are only needed until I get some pan head screws to inset into the base of the flange rather than the current socket cap ones.
On the new flange there are only 3 slots for screws rather than six, six is really over kill. To mill these slots I was going to try a easy method of screwing a fat bolt through the middle of the plate and sticking it in a collet block. Unfortunately that didn't quit go as planned and the adapter lost a chunk out of the side.
Top and bottom before attempt with collet block.

after indexing head and collet block
 Unfortunately the collet really needed to be cranked into the block and we were missing the proper spanner wrench to tighten it in there, as seen above the collet wasn't quite tight enough to hold that bolt. Thankfully the slotting worked just fine on an indexing head.
Sprocket adapter flangey thing from its good side
Despite having a bite out of the side it works just fine.
Anyway hopefully this glue will dry soon so I can:
A. hopefully close this motor and never open it again until it dies a fiery death from over current. about it.