Long story short I got swallowed up this school year and not much got done on a projects front. It was really en escapade of screwing  up in some respects from a project stand point which can be gotten into later.

Things that did happen:
-made a generator (read: BLDC motor) for a class, which was really a rework of an existing generator, really the only reason parts of the old generator were used was because its stator was the right dimensions. But its rotor was remade and the stator was rewound and hall effect sensors were added. It was rewound at 50RPM/V, the target was ~100RPM/V; but because I can't do math that didn't quite turn out. Pretty much lesson here is  the average voltage of a rectified 3phase is not the same as the average value of a rectified sine wave... and don't do math at 3am. luckily in the. many thanks to alex and erich in helping getting the rotor machined.
shiny insides

less shiny generator outsides
Stator before rewind
Stator after rewind/adding sensors
Another project was a tool post holder for the lathe/mill combo thingy that was acquired a while ago. The 'millathe' is Maximat7 made in Austria god knows how long ago and probably weighs close to 75kg
tool post sitting on tool post holder it looks like a zebra because  the mill spindle wasn't level and i was too lazy to change it, I like to consider this a stylistic plus.
the failgatedrivetroller was supposed to be a gate driver board for a 3 phase bridge
failgatedrivecontroller has 2 mistakes: mirrored to arduino pinout and forgot the all important ground
The horrible mezzanine thing was made to swap the pinout of the arduino.

Long story short there's been a good amount of fail in recent projects due to messing up details. Devils always is in the details but this leaves rooms for revisions and what not. Considering the pain it is to make boards I'll probably transition to getting boards fabricated by a third party and using a lot more surface mount components. DIL packages have been getting a bit old and clunky and it would be nice to have sexy well done boards with less errors than I would make.

Either way that's whats been happening over the lat few months and I'm going to start a new post to separate this post from a more technical one and shall be babbling about motors among other things.