Imma make a motor :D

Motors are fun they make torque and in my experience with assorted wheeled objects the relationship has been: more torque==more fun (or pain and death) and there for more torque==more better. Transitively motors kick ass. Currently a project have going is making a brushless DC motor and have obtained 2 stators to do so.  

Smaller stator and larger stators have 4" and 10.5" OD respectively and are replacement parts for an atv and a LG washing machine which appears to have been direct drive. The large stator is actually wound really beautifully unfortunately its with single strand ~24 gauge in a groundless wye which could be used very conveniently with AC voltage supply, it also manages probably 50+ turns/pole (at least) gives a ridiculously huge torque constant which is generally a good thing; but on the down side this will make the motor will be really really slow unless it has ridiculous volts running through it but that is a pain in the ass. So in order to get high(er) power out of this motor by running it at higher RPM it will need to be rewound with some thicker gauge wire allowing approximately similar torque from more amps and a lower required voltage.

Been a while...but I have pictures

This is the first motor controller it worked wonderfully...for a while.