time to babble

So in some attempt to record and make sure my own engineering and attempted EE shenanigans don't all wake from the dead like unloved robotic zombies after becoming out dated like the lost portions of Dexter's Lab and make run on sentences because who needs punctuation; this blog is being created. Whatever future people read this I hope you learn somethign from my excessive amounts of stupid and experimentation.

Also thanks charles and shane who are pretty much the reason why this blog exists and who will be linked to profusely in the future.

which brings about one of the main subject that will be on this blog MOTOR CONTROLLERS. Those things are handy as balls man you can like control motors and stuff... yeah. And ohmygod so many things can go wrong with them. Like most devices made handling large amounts of amperage and highly inductive loads there are more than enough easy ways to destroy things. That being said 2 homemade creations have already died and the importance of a remembering a fly back diode has been burned into some poor mosfet's memory for all eternity. Unfortunately it decided to take some other IC's on the board with it.

pics to come