Millathe: Initial State Pictures

The Millathe with tool post and homemade tool post holder, the spindel speed is adjusted through the pair of little leve :

For some reason the door does not like to shut, it pushes against the lid of the gear box despite not looking bent, seems to close fine without the gear box lid though.

All the gears on this side are for the autofeed. Notice the small cracked plastic gear on the upper right. There is also a gear hidng be hind the 76 tooth gear which appears to be detached from its  shaft. On the left is the main drive belt, it goes down to the motor which is single phase 500W asynchronous:

The gear box/ shifter. While there is no back gear on this device it can go pretty slow (speeds are printed on the front of the lather below here it says Maximat7). Theres a little bit of rust on the steel gears and some wear from shifting visible on the phenolic gears but over all it doesn't seem to be in bad shape:

One day perhaps the traction system in the millathe will be redone or incorporated into the control system, but that is a project for the future.

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