Things getting done: The beginning of Big Motor

I unfortunately have other things to do than post on the internet but I feel obligated to update this every once in a while so for the maybe one or two people who stumble here by accident so please sit down and enjoy the beginnings of Big Motor (the motor that will supersede small motor). For a scale reference on this motor the air gap OD is 10.5" and the magnets are doubled up to for super poles with 2 magnets per pole, making this a 30 pole 36 slot machine. The model isn't fully done yet, I'm still deciding if I want to attempt getting a second stator of the same type and doing a transverse flux concentrating geometry to avoid magnet reluctance. The attempted result would be a ridiculously high flux linkage and by ridiculous, that is to say something that would just almost saturate the iron with a few 2-5mm of air gap. The operating goal of this linkage would be 1. High torque for low current (hence avoiding magnet reluctance) 2. Avoiding higher harmonics of eddy current losses induced by quickly changing back emf from the magnets (taken care of by the larger air gap). Since these goals are directly at odds with one another some FEMM simulations will be under way to see how achievable this will be. Either way enjoy the picture its Big Motors initial design without any fancy pants transversefluxyness (note: the model isnt done yet).

Big Motor....its big

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