So I haven't posted in a while buuut um yeah while away I've created some sort of abomination to show who ever reads this. On my motor with its fat ass shaft the OD of the bearings is 47mm and because it's an outrunner everything  that needs to turn must be mounted around said bearing and shafts. Its important to note that thin section bearings would have a full 15mm smaller OD...don't buy bearings at 3 am kids. In addition to the diameter issue the bearings stick out from the surface a bit this makes mounting stuff extremely awkward. Rather than being intelligent and spending a bit of money to buy a chunk of aluminum to turn down to a proper  flanged adapter to fix this, I opted for the cheap approach and used the steel cut out of my magnet can combined with a piece of aluminum scrap which was at one point roughly rectangular and 4 home made standoffs. Which when mounted on the side of the motor form a sprocket on standoffs on plate on a plate on a plate.

Le parts magnet can remnants on motor plate, with in-between plate with sprocket

By their powers combined + standoffs=inception sprocket?
Lo and behold this abomination of mechanical engineering. More later when this thing starts spinning at high rpm.

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