Small Motor: Building for Stupid

In addition to a large motor that will be created there is a small motor in the process of being built and by small I mean relatively small like with a 4" diameter stator rather than 10.5". This stator contains 18 slots and was wound in an AaABbBCcC pattern with x10 24 gauge wires in parallel. The large number of smaller gauge wires exist because the first time winding this stator the obnoxiously stiff properties of 16 gauge wire were discovered. Thicker wire tends to bow out around the poles making tight packing of wires difficult. To accompany said stator is x20 .25"*.5"^2 magnets with an air gap of ~.75mm.

Small Stator with shaft collar insert

Here's the small stator that shiny piece of aluminum in the middle is there because I didn't have any long 1.5'' diameter chunks of metal and wasn't about to buy any. Its an epoxied press fit with a make shift key, which is a steel peg glued into a hole milled on the the border of the press fit.

Small stator with milled peg hole and peg.
To  to make the stator mechanically complete on more object is needed : a shaft and not just any shaft, a shaft built for stupid and by built for stupid that is not to imply this motor is made for someone a bit slow. By built for stupid I mean both rugged and ridiculous to a stupid extent. Why? because having ridiculously over built things gives me the same satisfied feeling as holding a sledge hammer. From a similar perspective it also allows said motor to be ridden or used 'stupidly' purposes in which a less mechanically sound object would die a horrible death. Also from a practical stand point this motor has ~15gauge equivalent and will be wound in a wye configuration and needs room for that fat hunk of copper to come out somewhere. That being said this meager motor is getting a 20mm shaft.

Magnet can, stator and shaft
By their powers combined this thing will hopefully be completed soon. 

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